Why you should and should not use a canister filter for 100 gallon tank?

Canister filters is one of the most popular filters used by aquarium hobbyists for large aquarium. I have tried almost every filter for my 100 gallon fish tank and my canister filters have always been good to me but there are also some drawback from this type of filter that make me began to weigh the other options. I noticed a lot of people using canister filters, and if you are looking for the best 100 gallon aquarium filter, you can consider to get one. This post are pros and cons of canister filter, once you understand the benefits and drawback of using it, the choice is much easier.

#1 Pros

Canister filter require less effort of maintenance than most other types of filter as you can easy access it. This is also useful if there is ever an issue. I keep mine in its own compartment under my tank. Due to this, canister filter also allows you to clean and change the type of filter media depend on your need. Most canister filter provide enough space for the growth of beneficial bacteria inside the tank. These bacterial play an important role to keep the aquarium squeaky clean. Canister filters are much more reliable and provide high performance as cleans the tank more efficiently than most other type of filters. Canister filter can totally accommodate aquariums 100 gallons and even more. The most acttractive point of canister for me is that it allow you to choose the media filter that you want. You can mix and match, ensuring your fish and other aquatic creatures have the proper filtration that they need. Most canister filters are quiet operation, especially if you tuck them away in a cabinet. You could even insulate the cabinet on the inside to make it even quieter.

#2 Cons

Canister filters are usually not have the delicate design. With the large body, if you don’t have the right set up, it will stand out in your tank. It is better to buid a carbinet under your tank to hide it off to the side. It is quite easy to get the canister unit that is too powerful than your tank need. Your fish may get shock or stress in the tank with too powerful filter. Remember to check the size of canister before decide to buy or get the device with adjustable flow rate button. I would like to recommed canister filter to anyone who have around 100 gallons tank size. But if your tank is under 50 gallons, it is better to go with HOB filter instead.

How To Choose The Best Glue Gun?

Glue gun is one of the familiar devices for craft projects. This device provides convenience as well as time efficiency for large projects. However, there are now a lot of glue gun models that can make people inexperienced get lost. Choosing the best glue gun is not easy, especially for beginners. So we have listed for you some basic factors that you should consider before choosing the best hot glue gun:

#1 Design

The first thing you should consider with a glue gun is its design. You should choose a glue gun designed to suit your needs. You should also choose a product that can bring the most comfort when using it. A mini glue gun will be suitable for small craft projects, while an industrial glue gun is better suited for large projects. Mini glue machines are usually compact and lightweight. So that women or even children can use it. Industrial glue guns are bigger and heavier. It will be quite difficult for women to use flexibly. If the product does not provide comfort, it will only make you uncomfortable.

#2 Nozzles

Glue gun nozzle should be made of a material that can withstand heat. Because this is direct and long-term contact with high temperatures from hot glue, it needs good heat resistance. This factor ensures the safety of users as well as ensures that the device always works with good performance. It should also be resistant to dripping when you are not using glue gun.

#3 Heating capacity

Heating ability is one of the factors determining the flexibility of a glue gun. You should choose a glue gun that can adjust the heating ability to fit the materials in your project. For example, plastic, glass and other hard materials need a high glue temperature to bond well. Meanwhile, low glue temperature will not damage the fabric, leather or thin materials.

Autoflower Seeds USA

Why You Should Choose Auto Flower seeds USA

The homegrown best autoflowering seeds USA are a breed that will flower in 2 to 4 weeks. That means instead of planting only one batch, you can plant several in different months. In the end, you will get more yields. The homegrown breed offers the best strains in the entire world. The best thing with these seeds is that they flower in a short time. That helps in increasing the yield. There are also other benefits of using these short term flowering seeds. These benefits are as the listing in this article below. One of the reasons why it is good to use these seeds is that they are user friendly. Although autos do not relate injuries as well as stress, you also need to note its short time in maturing. Because of the rate at which the plant grows, it also means that it will be less tedious to cultivate. It will also help reduce mistakes. For that reason, it will work better for the person who is getting to the business for the first time. If you are a beginner, these seeds will be the best for you. They ensure you have the best experience in dealing with cannabis planting. The plants are also said to have low levels of THC. Also, these seeds ensure you get a higher yield in a shorter time. Auto-flowering seeds allow the farmer to plant many times. You can plant up to three times or even in better circumstances 4 batches in one year. By planting many times a year, it increases the yield. That is because you will get the product at four different times in one year. That means by the end of the year, you will harvest more than when you plant all the other types of seeds. Besides, these plants are small and discreet. That means they can occupy minimal space.

Why you should build cedar wood chicken coop?

For many years, cedarwood is controversial for many chicken keepers. It is believed that there is a toxicity of cedar to chickens. Plicatic acid (a substance found in cedarwood) not safe for chickens and it cause the damage for chicken’s respiratory systems. But it only happens when you use cedarwood as bedding for chicken since this bedding contains small dust particles and they deliver the toxins. But in contrast, building a cedar wood chicken coop brings for your chicken’s many benefits that you cannot miss: Cedar wood is very lightweight and stable in dimension. When using many other kinds of wood outdoor, they tent to be crack and bow over time, meanwhile cedar wood is flat and pretty straight, resisting the effects of natural even along time of using. The Western red cedar is known as its ability of thermal insulator. During the hot days of the summer season, cedar still cools when touching and it does not conduct heat into the coop. It makes the coop warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The cedar wood also has the ability to fight bacteria and fungal. They also have a natural fragrance. There are oils that contained in Western red fibers, which play the role of natural preservatives and help it to resist rot and decay. This is the ideal facture for you to use in humid climates. Because of these features, cedar is also very durable and it has a long life, even when using outdoor in severe weather, the best backyard chicken coop can last 10-15 years or more. The aroma of cedarwood that produced from naturally occurring organic compounds came out can make you very pleasantly. This smell can prevent insects, moths and other wood pests. Unlike white cedar, the smell of eastern red cedar is not dangerous to your chicks and hens.

What is the best automatic incubator? 

You are planning to have a poultry farm, but you do not have a hen to hatching. Before starting your dream of rear a chicken family, you should provide them some essential requests. One of those things is the best automatic incubator. Chicken eggs need a lot of care. Choosing the right automatic incubator will affect a successful egg hatch rate.

What is an incubator?

Hatching is a process that needs factors such as humidity, time, turning eggs, temperature. The best incubator will come handy in hatching eggs while responding to those factors. For example, hatching eggs will need ideal humidity of about 50% most of the time. Besides, people also use the incubator to define the heath of chicken eggs or duck and bird eggs as well. We recommend you to buy an incubator that comes with automatic egg turner, that will allow you to control temperature and prevents the sticking of the embryo to the inner shell of the egg.

Manual or Automatic

If you are wonder between manual and automatic incubators, the automatic one is always the best incubator. You need to turn the egg twice a day. The automatic incubator will do it for you at the right time, automatically adjust temperatures, all you need to do is add more water every few days. Not just saving your time, an automatic incubator also ensures the accuracy and efficiency when hatching eggs.


There are different sizes of the incubator that go along with the capacities of them. The bigger an incubator is, the more eggs it is can maintain. The capacities of one device can range from three eggs to hundreds of eggs. If you have a large poultry farm with multiple chickens, you should buy a bigger incubator. The bigger one also comes with complicated features such as passive heat and automatic regulate temperature and humidity.

What is baby bearded dragon diet?

A bearded dragon in the age of the baby is from birth to 4 months old. This is a time when bearded dragons are fragile and need the most care. Baby bearded dragon diet is also a major concern. Unlike adults, baby bearded dragons have a strict diet and eat more meals a day. Baby bearded dragon food is also different, not any food you can give it. To help the beginner who is not very experienced, we have compiled the baby bearded dragon diet list below. Things you should feed a bearded dragon baby include:

#1 Crickets

Baby bearded dragon always needs to provide a significant amount of protein in a day to be able to develop comprehensively. However, you should never choose crickets that are as big as the head of a baby bearded dragon. With such a size, a baby bearded dragon will have difficulty digesting it, maybe even cause paralysis. You should divide about 40 crickets into 3 to 5 meals a day for a baby bearded dragon to eat. Each feeding should last 5 to 10 minutes.

#2 Dubias

Dubias is also a good option if you are looking to source baby bearded dragon protein. Although dubias is not an economical option, this insect has many advantages. The first is that it is high in nutrients, helping to support the outstanding growth of baby bearded dragons. It is also “cleaner” than crickets, does not contain as many bacteria as crickets. And dubias are a great size for baby bearded dragons to be easily digested. You should divide 30 dubias into 3 to 4 meals for a baby bearded dragon to eat every day.

#3 Greens

Baby bearded dragons still need greens for their diet, but not as much as an adult’s forage. You should feed them at a rate of 15% green beards – 75% protein.

#4 Canxi and Vitamin

In addition to a diet with insects and vegetables, the baby bearded dragon should also be supplemented with calcium and vitamins. Give them calcium and vitamins 5 days a week, once a day. Note: Give your pet the ideal moisture with the best reptile humidifiers and the ideal temperature with the best reptile heat mat will help them eat better and digest better.

How to choose the best pots for stews?

The stew is one of the indispensable dishes in the family meal menu. The stew is great for changing your taste buds after greasy, fried foods. And to help you make a great stew, you’ll need the help of the best pots for stews. This pot will save you time and effort when cooking a stew. Currently on the market there are many types of pots for stew, so that you may feel lost at the amount of this information. So here we are to help you figure out how to choose the best pot to stew. Some of the following are things that you should consider:

#1 Size

You should choose the size of the pot according to the purpose and needs of the family. Pots for tunnels usually range in size from 8 to 20 quarts, a large family will need a larger sized pot and vice versa. Or you also need to consider the case of your family or party, meals gathered with relatives, a pot for a large stew is essential.

#2 Weight

The weight of the pot depends on the material that makes it, you should choose the pot with a moderate weight to be able to easily move it and also help it more balanced. In general, a heavy stew pot will also be difficult for you to store and clean. A pot too light will not keep the stew best quality.

#3 Handle

The handle should be securely fixed to the body of the pot so you can move it safely. And the handle should also be made of materials that do not easily rust or melt when exposed to high temperatures.

#4 Lid

You should choose the size of the lid fits in the pot so that it can maintain good quality for the stew. There are usually two types of lids, one with the same material as the pot and one with a glass lid. Regardless of the lid, it’s important that they fit the pot perfectly.

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Buying Guide: Best Hunting Blind

If you are a hunter, there are specific items and pieces of equipment that you need to use to excel in your hunting work. Portable insulated best hunting blinds are some of the material that you need to make your friend if you want to excel in hunting. The quality and the size of these blinds is the critical thing that you don’t overlook. It would help if you got the right shades, and I’m sure that you like hunting. Those people that ignore the hunting equipment end up being losers or, as a result, hate hunting. They might stop hunting because they rarely enjoy it. If you get the right hunting materials, then you must enjoy hunting. In most cases, the insulated hunting blinds are camouflaged to ensure the hunter is not easily noticed by the ducks or other animals when hunting. The concealment reduces the chances of missing to target the ducks. There are permanent and temporary blinds and hence get the right blinds for you. These duck blinds can be made from vegetations and other concealing objects. Other hidden objects are the boats, the vehicles, or any other items that are used during hunting. In most cases, public areas usually illegalize the use of permanent blinds and hence left with one option of temporal best hunting blind. Hunting requires humility and of experience that one has gained during shooting. For example, ducks have a perfect vision. You, therefore, need to be well concealed when hunting these blinds. You need to focus well and be accurate at the same time. This can be achieved well if you have used well-articulated concealing materials. In conclusion, make your habit of hunting silently and without much hurry. You will always achieve your hunting goals and get satisfied with what you hunt at a particular time. All the best. Read the best hunting blind reviews for more knowledge. Click to find out more hunting gear.

Turtles_ Love and Pets

Pets are a very important part of a kid’s life, approximately the 87% of houses in the States does have at least one animal as a pet and even when that number is referring to the whole pet issue, and is only about United States of America, that percentage is a directional proportion to rise as time passes. How to Take Care of Painted Turtle A dog or a cat is a very pleasant company, one is the best friend of a kid and the other is more of a house ruler, birds are very cute (and loud) and don’t need that much time, but there are kids and grownups that really need something different. As not everyone lives in a big house, or have time for taking care of a pet, here is one option that is aesthetic (so it can be shown as house decor), small (so it can be even in rooms, let alone apartments), are known to be the living example of a long life (since they live more than 100 years) and won’t ever cause allergies: the turtles. Map turtleswood turtlemud turtle, painted turtle and chicken turtle are the most adapted reptile species to be kept as pets and the numbers are getting on and on for being the answer for allergic children calling for a pet, also they can perfectly live in an apartment or any reduced space because they only need a tank with access to water for swimming, a dry place for basking and food with all its vitamins and substrates. They also won’t take a lot of time since they only need to be fed once a day and do the maintenance of the water about once a week too, also, if the Zoo Med Wipe Out Cleaner, cleaning the tank will be even easier. They are totally friendly and won’t bite nor fight anyone who tries to touch them, all though females do tend to be a bit dominant among each other. They, also, won’t grow more than 10 inches (as huge) and will get there very slowly. As for, they need to have a good environment condition if they are wanted to live as much. For creating a healthy environment, choosing Fluker’s Castle Crib Reptile Basking Platform and the Exo Terra Intense Basking Spot Lamp will solve any light issue, being complimented for each other, it is only needed to choose the location of the tank depending on where is going to be the lamp to keep the turtle comfortable. How to Take Care of Box Turtle. As for water, heat or cold, just like humans, can affect the turtles, so the Exo Terra Thermometer or the Zoo Med Economy Analog Dual Thermometer and Humidity Gauge  will make an owner’s life easier and the Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner will prevent the turtle to get infected by any bacteria even humans are exposed to. Beside the fact that turtles actually suffers health issues very seldom, with these products, the few work a turtle need, will be even less and faster than ever before. Turtles will always be there as the best option for anyone with allergies, too scared of any other being that ain’t human or space issues, also is perfect for those who work all day for they are very easy to maintain happiness, and by the way, keep a kid or anyone in seek of some quiet-kind company happy too.

Top 4 hot tub ozonator

There are a few microscopic organisms and chemicals that may prevail in your hot tub and a decent Ozonator can viably sanitize the water in your hot tub to make it clean and healthy. Any pollution is separated by the ozone generator; subsequently, the job of an Ozonator is indispensable. So, here are the 4 best Hot Tub Ozonator that you can choose from if you eventually decide to go out and get one.

1. DEL Ozone Hot Tub and Spa Eclipse


  • It has an auto voltage sensing
  • It accompanies a 1-year warranty
  • Effective in killing microorganisms up to 99.99%
  • Detailed user manual inclusive
  • Easy installation


  • Many clients did not think it was worth it
No additional chemicals are required to clean the water of your hot tub with this sophisticated Ozonator by Del. The solid disinfectant present in it successfully evacuates every one of the bacteria with the chlorine and bromine chemicals, keeping your hot tub water perfect and safe. It also does the job of eliminating odor present in the water.

2. Prozone Water Products PZ1 220V Ozone System


  • Fast shipping
  • Installation pack is given
  • Compatible with leading spa brands
  • Appropriate for the portable spa with an 800-gallon limit
  • Quick conveyance
  • The ozone release delivery framework is patented


  • Not operable without venture system
  • The cost is on the higher side
It is one of the powerful and solid Ozonators which keeps your hot tub water sparkling with its effective innovation. Specifically meant for the bigger Hot tubs, it supports the patented technology to guarantee an incredible quality management system for your hot tub water. With this Ozonator, minimal upkeep is required. Very tough, you will have a hassle-free bathing experience with great cleanliness and better water quality.

3. QCA Spas Del Ozone APG-U-01 Ozonator


  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Qualifies producer with a decent reputation
  • Mounting gear included
  • Robust plastic body
  • Treats microorganisms productively


  • No auto voltage sensing accessible
This durable Ozonator guarantees the magnificent ozone-based cleaning to deal with the microorganisms present in your hot tub water naturally. You will not be required to add oxidants like chlorine to treat such bacteria. It comes in a plastic body which makes it corrosion-free externally and shields the different metal parts inside from rusting. It is powerful in long water purification and comes with great durability. In addition to being moderately priced, it is truly worth every penny spent on it.

4. DEL MCD-50 Spa Ozonator Universal Voltage


  • It is a decent arrangement for the huge hot tubs up to 1000 gallons
  • The ozonating chip is replaceable
  • It can be mounted on the interior of the wall
  • Can be installed easily with the necessary components provided.


  • A bit expensive
Perfect for the huge hot tubs, this practical Ozonator is amazing in refreshing the bigger amount of spa water. It facilitates the replacement of ozonating chip which turns out to be the most useful part of this Ozonator, making it durable and cost-efficient.