About Me

About me: I just recently decided I should make one of these pages…so here it is!

I go by Shay here, but my full name is Shayla Emory. I used to go by Nobody(because Percy Jackson), I also go by Alex Steele at my old writing blog Grace&Steele, though I’m on hiatus there at the moment due to not having enough TIME.

I’m a lover of books and adventure. A writer who loves NaNoWriMo. And a fan of all kinds of music.

My favorite type of people are other book lovers and bloggers, cats, and writers.

I love coffee, fantasy books, and characters I can swoon over. I read YA and Middle Grade pretty much exclusively.

This is my typical description using my Alex Steele name:

Alex Steele has big dreams and an even bigger imagination. She writes everything from Middle Grade Epic Fantasy to Cutesy YA Contemporary. She is currently unemployed and focusing all her time on writing, in the hopes of one day soon being published. Alex Steele is not her real name…

So yeah. Writing in the only thing I want to do with my life, though I also love baking. I’ve written 12 books and haven’t edited enough of them. My strengths lay in MG Fantasy and YA Contemporary with all the FEELS.

I also love critiquing and beta reading so if you want to be writing friends or need some help, chat me up on Twitter here!