Word Wednesday:

This is a weekly feature where every Wednesday I will share one of my favorite words with you!

#AmWriting Random Inspiration
A random feature where I share inspiring quotes and songs and such.

Writing Confessions:

Where every once in a while I share a writing related confession!

On Repeat:

At the end of every month (something begining) I’ll share ten songs I’ve been obsessed with that have been on repeat on my playlist!

Ships I Don’t Ship:

This is a monthly feature where I spotlight a book-ish ship(relationship) that I don’t care for, i.e. I don’t Ship it.

You can find these posts here!

My OTPs aka Ships I DO Ship

This is a monthly feature where I s

potlight a book-ish couple or “ship” that I do ship!

Bookish Mind Control

Is a monthly feature where I spotlight a favorite book or series of mine that I then try to convince you all to read right away!

Also, for both Ships I Don’t Ship and My OTPS aka Ships I DO Ship, I’m looking for anyone who would be interested in doing a guest post! These would be “Guest Shipper” posts, and all you have to do if you are interested is email me fangirlsarepeopletoo ( @ )gmail.com or using the contact gadget on the side and just email me with subject line Guest Shipper telling me if you’d be interested in doing a Ship you Do Ship or Ship you Don’t and what characters it would be focused on! From there I’d fit you into the schedule so you know when you need to have the post to me by and the post can be laid out however you want. Just include the name of the characters, the book they come from, whether the post has spoilers or not and then your reasons for shipping or not shipping them! Also, any characters are welcome, for OTPs it doesn’t matter if they ever even had a chance in the book, and also, I’m totally fine with characters from movies/tv shows and/or comics!
Of course you’ll get full credit for the post which I’ll post here with a link back to your blog and your name! Any and all are welcome and I’d love for any featuring ships I’ve already done as it’d be interesting to see multiple sides and opinions!