My Writing

I don’t know if you know this – though if you’ve been around here long you probably do because I talk about it all the time – but my main goal in life is to be a writer, preferably a traditionally published one but..details. So I basically spend all the time I’m not reading and blogging(which has become more often recently) writing. Check back on this page if you ever want to know what I’m currently working on and where I am with my writing!My WIPS(Work In Progress):

(note: not all my books/WIPs are listed just because they aren’t relevant right now, and of course there are some that I like to call WIPPs… works in pre-progress, meaning I’m outlining/messing around with them)

The Dragon Heir Chronicles: The Lost Prophet –
Currently: Re-writing
How’s it going? Pretty good. This is my baby, my first book, the first in a five book series, so I’m really taking my time with it. I don’t want to rush at all.up

This World In Gray –
Currently: Editing!
How’s it going? Awesome!

The Olympian Wars: The Hunters Of Artemis –
Currently: first draft is complete, it needs to be edited and revised.
How’s it going? Well, I haven’t started on the editing and revising yet!

Ren & Farrah
Currently: Waiting to be edited!

Currently: Waiting to be revised

Books that are sitting:
– Friendzone.
– A War Of Queens.
– Dragon Heir book 2Last updated: June 3rd

If you want to talk about writing then comment below or check out myTwitter, I’d love to talk to you!