Review Policy

Will I accept review copies? Yes.

What Format? Hardback, paperback or digital, anything digital except PDF, and no audio books.

How Long Will It Take For A Review To Be Posted? It depends on what type of book it is and how long it is and what else I have to read at the time but I will try to be as quick as possible and let you know a general idea of when. Please let me know if you don’t want reviews posted before a specific date.

What Kind Of Books Do I Accept? Young Adult and Middle Grade, pretty much any genre in those two categories but I’m more likely to accept fantasy, paranormal, dystopian,contemporary, some sy-fy. I am generally open to most things YA and Middle grade. And yes to independent or self-published!

What if you don’t like the book? I will send you a DNF(did not finish) notification if this happens.

When emailing me please include the summary and release date, and what format the book would be in. Also please let me know if you would be interested in doing an author interview or guest post!

Keep in mind I reserve the right not to review any book that I receive if I feel it’s in my best interest not to.
Reviews will be posted here and on my Goodreads page, if you don’t want the review posted right away please let me know right away.

All my reviews are my honest opinion and I do not receive any compensation for them.

All questions and queries should be sent to
[email protected]